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Howdy, gooners. Sorry I haven’t been around... -
Howdy, gooners.

Sorry I haven’t been around around lately. It’s just that I’ve been too busy making these bad boys.

The guy on top is PLAIN YOGURT #1, four full(ish) color tiny comics so puzzling and pointless they are guaranteed to keep you up at night.

The second one is BRANCHES. You’ve already seen this dude, except now they have covers and there’s fleet of them.

Both of these baby zines are coming with me to the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest this Saturday, but if you won’t be around I’ll be happy to mail some to you.

Plain Yogurt is $7, but if you’re cheap (like me) you can have Branches for $0 - $3. Yup. I’ll happily mail them out for free, though it’d be nice to break even! You can’t buy them just yet, but I’ll let you know when with another update sometime in the future. I also like trades! Gimmie GIMMIE!!

Now, if you are going to BCGF this weekend, swing by the CRYSTAL CLUB table and come say hi to me and my buds at D6. If you’re feeling brave, however, head to our neighbors Mickey Zachili and Walker Metling of PCC and challenge them both to fistfights.


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